Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Hands 2016

Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Hands 2016

Today I am going to share best Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Hands because we spend traditional life. In our Mehndi ceremony bride design their hand and arm that’s why I have found some great Mehndi design for hands. These elegant design have great and easy to design.

Even three Mehndi design for beginners. These design I have collected from StumbleUpon and Pinterest and some of most shared content on Facebook. In Pakistan Hina known by Mehndi .

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form that originated in ancient Pakistan. It has the same importance at weddings and festivals in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other nearby countries. By applying henna or mehndi in the palm of the hand, it is believed that the person is able to receive blessings and mehndi on top of the hands symbolizes protection.

floral mehndi is an important place in Pakistan, Pakistani and Arabic mehndi designs. The flowers are creations of God with the beauty of their own relationship with their shape, size and texture petals. Floral designs on mehndi are in demand because they reflect the beauty of nature and elegant appearance. The beauty of floral mehndi design lies in its curves and various colors and Arabic mehndi. Floral designs make attractive forthe hands adunique weddingfunction look opara any other ceremony.

This floral design covers Pakistan fingers, top of hand and wrist of the bride. The flowers are balanced with small circles small oval shaped points. The diagonal design running on the fingers represent depth of creation.

This floral mehndi art is usually done in the hand of the bride. The design is immensely real and heavy. It depicts a pair of animals and birds. Has the peacock design fused with the elephant flowers.An is drawn at the end of each hand, which gives the meaning of royalty.

This mehndi pattern is well done, but still reflects the simplicity and placidity. The coatings are extremely thin and small flowers are drawn between the gaps. The design has a peacock with its feathers spread in the form of flowers.


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