How to choose own Mobilink Number

How to choose own Mobilink Number

Choose Your Own Mobilink Number feature is a latest ad new offer that is being offered by Mobilink. Mobilink is one of the finest telecom companies that are working in Pakistan for a long time. It one of the most advanced telecommunication companies in Pakistan that are working in South Asia. Mobilink is one of the most advanced telecom company with an internet providing option of 3rd generation (3G) it is one of the most popular companies of Pakistan. It has a large number of customers in Pakistan. It is the company that provides prepaid and postpaid connections to its customers. It is one of the companies that thinks for the benefits and help the customers beyond their limits. This is the reason that the company is providing the facility of Choose Your Own Mobilink Number. This is why this is one of the biggest companies working in Pakistan. Mobilink was established in 1990 as a sole and the first GSM Company in Pakistan. It was established by the mutual accommodation of Saif group and the Motorola Inc. and was the first and only company with GSM facility in Pakistan. Thus it starts working in 1990. It was serving 38.2 million people in Pakistan in the first quarter of 2015.

Choose Your Own Mobilink Number

The company is providing a new facility to its customers to have their number according to their preferences requirement and desires. In follows are the details for the Choose Your Own Mobilink Number offer:

People have many preferences in their life and they try to satisfy themselves by satisfying their desires by fulfilling their desires. One of those desires is to have the number of their own choice. It could be the number of their car, their lucky number or the umber that they like the most. Keeping that in a view, Mobilink have offered them to have a number of their own desire. This option is most suitable for the people that could not remember their number. This number may be golden platinum etc. All the numbers that you want and need.

The number that you can avail by Retailer/Mobilink Representative, Mobilink Franchise or Business Center Representative, select a number and it will be activated after successful Biometric Verification and other standard System Checks. Thus you can avail Choose Your Own Mobilink Number offer


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