Pakistani Eye Makeup Tips How to Apply Eye

Pakistani Eye Makeup Tips How to Apply Eye

To make up your eyes is essential that you know your potential so you can full advantage them out and get a deeper look bright. teaches you to be dressed up in their natural form and thus achieve all eyes settle on yours.

The first thing to do is identify what kind of eyes you have. Select the four distinctive features that characterize them according to their shape. This description will help you identify which one applies to you.

You have eyes round if the ends of these are flattened and your iris is almost completely.Normally round eyes is visible the eyelid. Some tend to be bulging and large.

Your eyes are torn if their ends are elongated and extend well to the outside. Slanted eyes tend to be small and the iris is very little. In most cases the eyelid is little or disappears.

You’re a girl eyes macaroons if their ends finish in a light tip and the outside is a little up.Almost all almond – shaped eyes are large, most of the iris looks and the eyelid is always in sight.

Finally, your eyes are droopy if its outer end is downward. Sometimes the eyelid also tends to fall reinforcing the feeling of looking “sleepy”. The ends of your eyes can be flattened or elongated, what is defined as fallen down the slope with nature.

Now you identified your type of eyes, follow this guide step by step to be dressed up properly:

Rounded eyes

  • Apply on the entire eyelid and the eye contour a base tone of your skin.
  • Color the area of your eyelid with a light eye shadow to brighten up your look.
  • Give your eye almond shaped V-shaped applying a brown or dark on the outside of the eyelid shade; near the corner of his eye.
  • Diffuses the V shaded you just drew in the area of the corner of his eye.
  • Line your eyes without following the line of your lashes (if you do that, accentuate the roundness of your eyes). Draw with pencil an ascending line that starts in the middle of the upper eyelid.
  • Finish line delineated pointed upward.
  • You can also highlight your lower eyelid, lengthening the line a little beyond the end of the eye and, again, from the middle of the eyelid. This time you must follow the line of your lashes.
  • You can blur the line delineated to merge with the dark shadow and add mascara.
  • It is important to not add dark colors on the inside of the eyelids.

Slanted eyes

Slanted eyes have a very small mobile párapado and, on many occasions, when the eyes are open this eyelid disappears. When you wear makeup you seek your slanted eyes give depth has not naturally have. It is therefore important to look dark tones also help highlight the natural exotic form of your look. To get a deeper look, follow these guidelines:

  • Apply on the entire eyelid and the eye contour a base tone of your skin.
  • Colors all your eyelid (the inner end to the outer end) with a dark shadow.
  • Diffuses this shadow to your eyelid fixed creating a gradient where the eyelid has the deep dark color.
  • Delineates your eye with a pencil thin (we recommend a liquid eyeliner in thin brush) drawing a line flush your lashes.
  • It is important not forget delineate the lash line on your lower eyelid. When you do, do not draw the line inside the eye; try it outlines the tabs as low as possible.
  • Add, up and down, deep black mascara tone.

Almond eyes

This type of eyes is the easiest makeup. Its naturally lends itself to the versatility and can choose a different style for every occasion. For the evening we recommend a deep fade with style and dark tones or vibrant colors. For the day you can use colors that illuminate your look. If you want to learn how to do this, follow these steps:

  • Apply on the entire eyelid and the eye contour a base tone of your skin.
  • Colors all your eyelid (mobile and fixed), from your lash line to the brow bone with a beige or cream tone.
  • Apply (light brown, gold, terracotta) a medium shade to your eyelid.
  • Highlight the palm of your eye by drawing on it a line in darker tone.
  • Blend with a brush line the basin. You can round it or end in V in the corner of his eye.
  • Line your eyes with a slight upward line running from the inner end of the lash line and finish a little beyond the corner of his eye.
  • You can also add mascara to give more strength to your look. When you do, brush well the outer lashes. This will make longer see reinforcing the almond shape of your eyes.

Droopy eyes

The main objective of disguise droopy eyes is enhance them to get a look more awake. We explain step by step how to get it:

  • Apply on the entire eyelid and the eye contour a base tone of your skin.
  • Delineates the upper eyelid by drawing a line flush your lashes. Do from the middle to the end of the eye.
  • Strengthens line delineated and draw a corner pointed upward at the outer edge of the eyelid.
  • Delineates the lower lid from the same point and when the end of eye, joins the two lines outlined in one point up.
  • Apply mascara abundant way up and down, especially in the tabs on the outside of the eye.
  • We do not recommend using shade in the eye socket. This could make it look down your eyelid.

There is no type of eye that can not be embellished with these tricks, all in their uniqueness, they are beautiful and attractive. You can make your eyes contact a powerful weapon and strengthen its power maquillándolos properly.


Outlined, smoked, colors, shapes and techniques to disguise your eyes every time

We suggest ten looks eye makeup for different tastes and occasions. With color, glamorous, subtle, vibrant, mysterious … You just need your basic eye: brushes, shadows, “eyeliner”, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter.

Only with “eyeliner”

With just a stroke well applied “eyeliner” your eyes will be favored spotless and without shadows. Yes, we suggest that before you cover the eyelid with concealer and seal it withtranslucentt powder to unify the tone and avoid glare. You can also use a first eye for a perfect finish.

We also recommend that, unless you have the black and long eyelashes, mascara sconces in the bottom and top to complement the outline.

You can supplement it with … a good lipstick (or any intense tone that can star in your makeup).

Full outlined eye

It is a way of further enhancing your look with a single product: eyeliner. Draw the line upper and lower lashes and attach them both tear and external “V” , giving this the importance ofdesire. If you wish, you can blur the outline with a special brush or cotton swab to give a more glamorous touch.

You can supplement it with … a “nude” tone lips and a touch of highlighter on the cheeks, you get a natural look.

only shade of intense color

Bet all your look to a single shade of vibrant color that leaves everyone with his mouth open.Match your clothes, with your eyes or your hair color. Apply with a prebase for Pigmente more and blurs the edges well so that it is well integrated into the upper eyelid. Also plays with some shade of natural color for cutting mode transition.

You can supplement it with … a black outlined and a loaded or even false eyelashes.

Natural with a touch of illuminator

If you choose a look fresh and natural as you can get it by applying a base eye shadow in a neutral color and a touch of highlighter on the tear.

You can supplement it with … a good job of contour and blush to enhance the volume of your face.

Delineated color

Replaces the eyeliner by an outline color that you can get either a pencil or eyeliner color, either with an eye shadow with a pencil or eye shadow cream and an eyeliner brush. The effect is subtle but striking and can combine with any eyeshadow in the same range or combining.

You can supplement it with … well marked eyebrows and a discreet lipstick that does not steal prominence to the fantasy of your eyes.


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